Things that make your AC leaks

The same thing as humans, electronic devices can also be tired, you know! For example, as happens in air conditioning devices or air conditioners. Problems with AC usually appear in the middle of the usage period. One of them is the problem of leakage in the indoor AC unit. The leaked air conditioner is usually marked by the presence of water dripping from the indoor AC unit when the air conditioner is turned on. This, of course, can disturb the user’s comfort. Aside from that, check out the professional repair service for ac las vegas as well.

However, what causes AC to leak frequently? Here are some reasons:

1. It is our duty as users to always pay attention to cleanliness and care for the electronic devices we have. Rarely do maintenance on air conditioners can cause AC to leak frequently. Dirt and dust will clog the drain pipe and inhibit the flow of drainage water so that the remaining evaporation water will exit the indoor unit.

2. The other causes of leaks in the AC can also be caused because the AC is not vacuumed during installation. There have been many articles that discuss the importance of vacuuming AC. The vacuum on the air conditioner is useful for removing the air inside the compressor. If there is air remaining, this can cause the pipe to become moldy and corroded due to the water content in the remaining air.

3. Why does the AC have to be regularly maintained? So that all damage can be detected and resolved quickly and precisely. A leaky air conditioner may be caused by a flexible hose that is loose or damaged by a mouse bite. We will never know this damage if the AC is not checked regularly.

4. Errors when installing an AC unit by a technician can also result in AC performance and cause AC to leak frequently. Installation of an improper drain pipe during installation can cause the AC wastewater to leak and drip out.

5. After cleaning or when you want to install the AC, make sure the AC is in a straight position. If the AC indoor unit position is tilted, it will cause a leak. Also, during installation, make sure the technician installs the drain pipe correctly.

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