These are three unconscious habits that can cause back pain

Many people experience back pain and make their activities very disturbing every day. Many activities that will affect the back pain felt by someone. So, when you begin to feel the back pain, immediately seek the right treatment or therapy. One that can be done is by treatment or chiropractic therapy. You can choose chiropractor santa monica as the right chiropractic treatment for you.


However, it turns out there are some habits that you often do every day and can cause back pain. Some of these habits are sometimes often not realized by many people so that they easily feel back pain. Some of the habits in question are

1. Sit bent
Starting from students to office employees, they often do this. Unfortunately, sitting down will make your bones become abnormal. This is because the curve of the bone can change because it does it too often. In addition, the disc joints in between can also be damaged. If you let this habit continue, the risk of arthritis (joint pain) becomes greater. In addition to the habit of sitting bent, other bad postures such as how to stand up and wrong walking can cause injury and make the risk of back pain increase.

2. Eat unhealthy foods
The body needs vitamin D, calcium, phosphorus every day to build strong muscles, bones and soft tissue around the back. For those of you who often consume foods that are low in minerals and even too high in sugar content, then the condition of your bones can be threatened. Then, what is the solution? Make sure you consume lots of fruits and vegetables and multiply the consumption of mineral water and reduce consumption of soda and drinks with high sugar content.

3. Rarely exercise
Occasionally do stretching between office hours, choose to walk or choose to climb stairs if the distance is close enough. Then, there are a lot of sports choices that you can try. Starting from pilates, lifting weights, swimming, healthy walking, to cycling to tighten the abdominal muscles and increase the stability of the back muscles.

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