Utilizing YouTube as a marketing platform

Maybe you often open Youtube to find funny videos, watch movies, or search for video tutorials. However, you may realize …Youtube has been widely used to build branding of a company with the aim of increasing customer trust. If you know how to use Youtube, especially Youtube Marketing, to turn business information into an interesting video to see, believe me … interest and engagement from customers will increase. On the other hand, check out the methods for online lead management as well.

The following are various ways to use Youtube Marketing for your business:

1. Showing your product
One of the first ways to use Youtube is to make a video about your product.

You can make it in the form of explanations, webinars, presentations or others.

In essence, there are many ways to show the products you offer, making it easier to attract customers.

You don’t imagine making a product introduction for products like Apple, Samsung, or other big brands that use special effects, because they cost a lot of money.

With good editing and scripts, you can make a simple video very interesting.

2. Expertise related to business

Currently, Youtube has become the second largest search engine after Google.

Many Internet users prefer to find answers to their questions through Youtube videos.

You can make this fact an opportunity to show your business and increase the potential number of customers by making videos about expertise related to your business.

What is the example …?

You can just make videos that are informative and provide useful suggestions for your audience.

For example, your business sells products related to digital marketing services, so you can make a video “How to improve SEO websites” or “5 types of social media for business.”

3. Uploading Behind the Scenes

Surely the customer will be happy to know how to know Youtube Marketing to build a business.

Not even just business, you can show behind the scenes or background about the process of making videos that they often see.

Or it could also be a video about interviews with business CEOs, introducing employees, and vlogs about the daily activities that occur in your company.

That way the customer will increasingly believe in your business, especially with your hard work in creating quality products.