Know this before you start bowhunting

When you choose a bow, make sure the handle and length are right for you. If you are left-handed, you should definitely choose a handle that is specifically for left-handed people. The length of the bow must also be measured and this will affect the length of the arrow. If you want to know the length of the bow and arrow that is right for you, stretch your hands forward and unite your palms with your fingers straight ahead. Ask someone for help measuring from the center of your chest to the tip of your finger. After getting the size, add one inch (about 2.5 cm) to that size and you will find the size of the arrow. In addition to the length of the arrow and bow, the weight of your bow also needs to be known because it will affect your movement when archery. You can be helped by your guide when choosing your arrow and your first bow. Meanwhile, check out the history of bowhunting as well.

Choosing Archery Type

There are many variations of archery and the most popular are three: Target Archery, Field Archery, and Flight. Target Archery is the only type of archery that is allowed in the Olympics and has hundreds of members from all over the world. In general, the target archery consists of archers who must shoot a number of arrows determined at the specified distance. The target targeted by the archer is the range with 10 concentric rings, with the highest ring having a value of 10 and the outer ring having a value that is not as high as the middle ring. The winner is determined by the points of the archers, so the archers with the highest points are the winners.

What distinguishes Archery and Flight Fields is the settings, targets, and rules. Field Archery is usually done in forests with uneven terrain, the target can also be placed in an uncertain place and even some are moving.

Flight has absolutely no targets and is determined by how high and far you can shoot. You could say Flight is an F1 sport archery.

About the three types of archery above, which one attracts your attention?